Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Receiving A Telephone Call From The Security Guard. Company's Security Essay

Receiving A Telephone Call From The Security Guard. Company's Security Issues - Essay Example I'll further ask the security guard to produce a list of those who entered the locker room and list of those who operated their lockers in last twenty four hours. The Security guard will be asked to call upon the in-charge of department handling cameras and equipments, the in charge will be requested to figure out if he had any clue regarding loss of the cameras. If yes, the main in-charge will be requested to report the exact timings of the loss. The security department will be asked to ascertain the list of those who visited the equipment department, and inquire about their purpose of visit, the frequency of visits has to be noted down. Upon reaching the location, I'll inspect the data gathered by the security guard. Every present employee, including the security officials, will be handed over a page, to give a brief description of their entire working day; the respective pages will then be handed over to the in-charge of the department for confirmation and verification. In the meantime, I'll develop a personal interaction with Randeep, listen to his part of the story, the team leader of his department will be requested to give me a highlight about employee's past record and activities. Randeep will be asked to provide the exact timings of when did he operated his locker last time, and why should he be considered innocent of the charges. Of course I will not consider Randeep to be the culprit, because if he had to steal it, he would not have been fool enough to place those cameras into his locker, that are regularly inspected. Randeep is either too stupid to make such robbery, or he is innocent. I'll inform the company's management about the incident, and will inform him about the steps taken. I'll seek his guidance, if he wanted crime forces to intervene, and conduct the inquiry, or wait for the outcome of the steps initiated by my authority as Human Resource Manager. The company's management guidance will be requested with reference to ordering immediate termination letter to the employees found guilty of charges. The company's management will be informed as per their convenience, before the next working day commence. What do you think has happened After listening to the employee's version, and receiving briefing by the team leader. I'll ask my deputy to interact with Phil. Phil will be asked verbally to ascertain all that he has written on the paper, he will asked to proof that he has no connection with the charges, such that neither he plotted the event, nor he supported Randeep for his action. I'll ask my deputy to not only target Phil, but target some other individuals, including staff in the security, because it was mainly a lapse from their side as well. I would have personally considered Randeep to be the culprit, but the reason for not doing is that because the crime committed or impose upon Randeep has emerged out during the period when the company is likely to announce the nomination of Randeep for the position of Team Leader. An employee who is so dedicated and sincere towards his task, who understands that he will be promoted soon, is not likely to commit such crime, perhaps Randeep would have received better opportunities to steal after his promotion. I will certainly have different versions related to the incident, 1. Either Randeep has stolen the camera, to gather money, because he has been always complaining shortage of finances after he separated. 2. Either Phil has committed this folly, because he wanted to damage the image of Randeep, as the company planned to announce the suitable

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