Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Roles And Roles Of William Shakespeare s The Revival Of...

7. With specific reference to ONE or MORE of the Quem Quaeritis tropes, discuss the role played by the Church in the revival of theatre in Medieval Western Europe. The relationship between Christianity and theatre was always a complicated one, however, it was the Church that played a vital role in the revival of theatre in Medieval Western Europe. After a drought of theatrical performance, the Church slowly evolved from presenting liturgical readings to dramatic tropes. Quem Quaeritis tropes were not plays, but aimed to amplify the experience of devotion to the commemoration of Christ. This being its purpose is what causes it to be interpreted as drama. These tropes and other aspects of the Church’s presentation became increasingly dramatic, causing the Church to become a residence for theatre. However, theatre was banned within the Church as acting or ‘false truth’ was seen as sinful. From there, theatre instead was performed outside, developed further and spread around Medieval Western Europe. Centuries passed in which theatre was scarce, hence theatre was ‘revived’ rather than ‘continued’ in the Middle Ages. Previously, Greek theatre, from the sixth century BC, was vastly popular from tragedies to comedy. Even in the third and second century BC, Roman comedy was a popular form of theatre, influenced greatly by the Greeks. However, up until the 5th century, as the Roman Empire thrived, popular performance taste had diverted its attention to other activities such asShow MoreRelatedHumanities11870 Words   |  48 Pagesadvanced texts to gain further understanding of how to appreciate art more fully. HUMANITIES: What is it? †¢ The term Humanities comes from the Latin word, â€Å"humanitas† †¢ It generally refers to art, literature, music, architecture, dance and the theatre—in which human subjectivity is emphasized and individual expressiveness is dramatized. HOW IMPORTANT IS HUMANITIES †¢ The fields of knowledge and study falling under humanities are dedicated to the pursuit of discovering and understanding the

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