Monday, November 4, 2019

Changing Human Behavior Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Changing Human Behavior - Research Paper Example I strongly believe that way I know him and understand his work pattern, no one does in the office. It is because we mostly share projects and work in a team sometimes; hence I am well-aware of his all work patterns moves and strategies. I have been working with him since more than 3 years, and I have observed that he spent more than enough time on each project mainly because his mind stays distract firstly due to his smoking habit and secondly he uses social networking websites during work hours (Kochan & Lipsky, 2003). Due to his habits and slight non-serious behavior towards deadline of work submission, he often completes his individual projects late. Also, in a team, project most of the times others members have to put extra efforts on his behalf. Although, he wastes a lot of his time in smoking after every ten to minutes, but more than that his mind is distracted due to his habit and interest in using social networking websites during work time. Thus, to help him quit his addiction to social networking, a month back I arranged an informal meeting with him at his favorite restaurant (Alvesson & Sveningsson, 2008). I strongly believe that emotional counseling can help one rethink about own strengths and weaknesses. I planned to talk to him normally about my own family, friends and social issues around in the city or community. Then, coming to the point I told him about some of those seniors in our company who initiated their job career as beginner content developers in game division, and within three years they have now been promoted to senior designation. I intentionally discouraged him initially by saying that he cannot get promotion in this or any other organization to hit his emotions regarding job career and importance of everyday or month performance in an organization. I was sure he will surely argue with me and try to find out reason behind my

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