Friday, November 1, 2019

Patrimony controversy of the Treasure of Troy Research Paper

Patrimony controversy of the Treasure of Troy - Research Paper Example Heinrich’s ease with which he learned different languages enabled him to land a good job in an import export firm. It was there that he acquired a small fortune that enabled him to start on his dream of finding the city of Troy where he believed; he would get Priam’s treasure (Krystek). However, according to many archeologists Heinrich was not considered that much of an archeologist and they claimed that it was due to luck that he even acquired the treasures. Heinrich started his excavations in 1871 using â€Å"The lliad† as a map to guide him in Hissarlick. He however had to sign an agreement with the Turkish government promising to give them a percentage of the treasures. In 1873 Heinrich found treasure there that included golden earrings, necklaces, pots of silver, gold and other items such as gold diadems believed to have been worn by queens and princesses. He also found the mask of Agamemnon in Mycenae, in Greece. Most of this treasure was believed to be own ed by King Priam who ruled Troy. He, however, left Turkey with the treasure without giving the government anything and was later sued and was fined $5000, which he gladly paid ten times over since he needed to dig for more treasures (Krystek). The whole troy treasure controversy, which dates as early as 1880, was brought about by Heinrich himself, who first discovered it in troy then smuggled it to Greece. Later during his old age he decided, he needed a permanent home for the Treasure of Troy and donated it to a museum in Berlin, Germany where it stayed till 1945 (Meyer). It was then lost in the Second World Wa

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