Thursday, November 21, 2019

Critical Thinking and Language Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 2

Critical Thinking and Language - Essay Example This discussion stresses that the term ‘language’ encompasses a world of concepts.   The very way that humans communicate depends on their language.   The way that humans think depends on their language.   Since different languages can have vastly different terms, one’s critical thinking skills can be limited by a lack of knowledge when translating or attempting to think across two or more languages.   Thinking in terms of the English language, for instance, there is a vast array of words available to describe pretty much anything a person could think, feel, describe, or want to express.  According to the report findings languages are full of vocabulary terms that can allow an individual to express thoughts, desires, or feelings.   The particular language in question will determine what terms are available to express these thoughts or emotions.   That said, the number of terms available in a particular language will determine whether that particular language empowers or limits the ability of an individual to express his or her thoughts or feelings effectively.  In the English language, for example, there are many adjectives and adverbs that allow an individual to express his or her thoughts effectively.   A person’s vocabulary knowledge can either help or hinder how that individual is able to express his or her thoughts, feelings, or desires.  Persuading an individual takes skill.   It takes thinking skills; specifically, critical thinking skills.

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