Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 288

Assignment Example Most companies, therefore, are willing to provide funds for NGO’s that conduct human causes. Such profit organizations also participate in marketing for their NGO partners. 3. Social media is an effective marketing strategy for young people since they spend a great deal of their time in such platforms. These privileged children are able to connect with the emotions of other children experiencing problems in other parts of the world. Using social media to reach older people is ineffective because older individuals prefer traditional modes of communication such as face-to-face conversations. 4. Invisible children’s impact should not be understated based on the funds they use on marketing as compared to the funds they use on actual groundwork. This is because the primary purpose of such an organization concerns with raising awareness about the ills in the society. In this sense, the organization attracts more funds than it would have, if it committed more time and resources to actual funding of ground activities. 5. In the films, the directors utilize different techniques in carrying out their stories. For instance, they involve music in narrating the horrendous stories (Invisible children Inc 1). The directors employ their own voice in projecting the emotions of war. The use of documentaries is an effective way of reaching most audiences because they articulate reality through vision and immediate

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