Tuesday, October 1, 2019

The Harmful Effects of Video Games

The Harmful Effects of Video Games By: Alan Bruestle I. Introduction: A. Video games, the ability to leave reality via controller, and glowing screen of color and bliss. A escape from life through the form of technological entertainment that has been developed and passed down to generations for decades. So why does society have such a big dispute over the use of video games? B. Many people believe that video games are only a source of fun and entertainment. Although there is truth in that video games give pleasure to the user, not many notice and realize the harmful effects that they have on society.C. Should video games be changed in a manner that the harmful content is removed completely from the entertainment? Should society limit or keep the certain content of video games to a minimum, or should everything be left the same? I believe that video games should be limited and a law should be passed that restricts the use of video games to people who acquire a problem in their life. D . The laws I believe that should be placed would be the results from effects on society, due to video games.The three main points that have really been noticed in society is the increase in physical effects, mental effects, and graphic influence. II. Explanation of Problems/Need A. Definitions 1. Physical – Overall Health, Disorders 2. Mental – Addiction, Social Isolation, Learning 3. Graphic Influence – Drugs, Nudity, Graphic violence B. Background/Causes/Effect 1. Background a. Many years old b. Multi billion dollar industry c. Demand won't collapse d. Technology grows. Demand increase. e. Society always impacted. 2. Causes a. Features become better b. Consumer desire alternate life . Difference 3. Effects a. Alternate life fills boredom. b. Violence increases aggression. c. Might mimic characters. d. Users perspective addiction, forget life. e. Designers satisfy older age group. f. Can influence all age groups. III. Physical A. Overall Health. 1. Obesity 2. S eizures B. Disorders 1. Postural, Muscular, Skeletal 2. Tendonitis, Nerve compression, Carpal tunnel syndrome IV. Mental A. Addiction 1. Lost sense of reality 2. Social Isolation B. Behavior 1. Mimic video games 2. Aggressive behaviors maybe become worse. C. Style of learning 1.Mastery leading to constant play 2. Rewarded for game play. Violence = Reward V. Graphic Influence A. Violence 1. Resolving to aggression. 2. Using violence in real life. B. Influence. 1. In game content. Drugs, violence, nudity, profanity 2. Higher drug and crime rates. Lower school rate. VI. Counter Arguement. A. Health related 1. Some games involve physical movement. 2. Used to practice work. Ex. Doctors 3. Increased brain activity from puzzles 4. Increased Hand eye coordination B. Miscellaneous 1. Multi billion industry 2. Simply entertaining VII. Conclusion A.With the problems that come with most video games, should they be changed to better our society and fix some of the problems? B. The possibility of physical effects, mental effects, and graphic influence caused by video games, make it seem like the risk of playing most of them are not worth the risk to society.Associated Content from Yahoo! – Associatedcontent. om. Web. 24 Nov. 2010. . â€Å"The Good and Bad Effects of Video Games. † Raise Smart Kid. Web. 23 Nov. 2010. . â€Å"The Impact of Video Games on Society – by Tegan Mcrae – Helium. † Helium – Where Knowledge Rules. Web. 24 Nov. 2010. . â€Å"Teen-Rated Video Games Loaded With Violence – News Room. † Children's Hospital Boston. Web. 24 Nov. 2010. . â€Å"Video Game Addiction. † WebMD – Better Information. Better Health. Web. 23 Nov. 2010. . â€Å"Violent Video Games – Psychologists Help Protect Children from Harmful Effects. † American Psychological Association (APA). Web. 24 Nov. 2010. .

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