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buy custom International Marketing Executive Summary and Competitive Analysis essay

buy custom International Marketing Executive Summary and Competitive Analysis essay Executive summary This paper analyzes in detail New Dawns Light (NDL) Company that is located China, Beijing, dealing with provision of solar panels and other solar-powered alternatives. New Dawn Light Company is among the best firms on the Chinese market, and hence, its intention is to assist the Ethiopian state. The approach is meant to help the Ethiopians from a positive perspective. A research has been undertaken to find out how the Ethiopian market works, and, hence, the rationale for the proposed investment. A SWOT analysis of the Company entails that the Company is applying the right approach, as there is a huge market in Ethiopia interested in solar panels and other solar alternatives. The paper will include a competitive analysis meant to assist the Company counter any possible challenges that might arise while investing in Ethiopia. The Ethiopian market is one of the fastest and the second most populated in the sub Saharan Africa, which is an indication that there is huge market platform for NDL Company. Significantly, using the competitive analysis, the company will be in the position to undertake the needed steps in order to deliver quality services to the Ethiopians. Furthermore, the organization will be able to relate with the Ethiopian citizens and government in a way that benefits both parties. The mutual benefit is expected to be attained through the provision of employment opportunities and offering the products at an affordable price. The indication here is that New Dawn Light Company aims at delivering service that is profitable to both ends. Ethiopia has been chosen as it is seeking alternative ways that can be incorporated to light up the country at a cheap cost. Based on the fact that it uses its traditional ways of lighting, introducing solar panels and other solar products at a cost that is affodable will be upheld and embraced with high esteem. Competitive analysis Ethiopia is among the primary countries in the Sub Saharan region that is developing so rapidly, and, hence, our focus on New Dawn Light is a huge opportunity for us as an international organization. The fact that we intend to focus mainly on solar panels is a good approach as the majority of the developing states are leaning more towards the renewable energy. The fact that the cost of the solar panels has decreased by 80% since 2008; it is our huge advantage (Ethiopia, n.d. ). The advantage implies that we will be able to create solar panels that are within the budget of the government and the citizens, and, as a result, we are in the position to reach our objective in Ethiopia. Based on the fact that most sub Saharan countries like Ethiopia suffer from shortage of electricity, the substitute of solar panels will definitely work in our favor. It is a good approach, but the state is still leaning mostly towards its traditional ways of lighting especially in the rural areas. It is noted that the parts of western and eastern lowlands receive a high density of irradiation, which will be our primary investment market (Abate). The Ethiopian solar market is still at an early development stage of 5 MW, and, hence, we will be able to penetrate the market with ease. The rationale is based on the fact that we intend to offer the solar panels at an affordable price and cost that will be based on occupation and area in concern. Moreover, Ethiopia with a population over 90 million individuals is an indication that we are likely to get the desired market. Furthermore, we are willing to learn their primary language, i.e. Amharic and Oromo languages, which will destroy any possible communication barriers. The outcome will be better interaction that will generate better business understanding. Ethiopia is diversifying its economy expenditures in education sector, unemployment and manufacturing. In education sector, we will be able to offer electrification, especially in the rural areas whereas in manufacturing we will offer alternative means of lighting in cases where electricity is not working (Abate). Furthermore, unemployment will be countered by our assistance in terms of offering the locals employment opportunities from the firm that we intend to build in Ethiopia. Ethiopia being an agricultural country is a good entity from our point of view as we will offer farmers solar panels that will be used to light their homes and farms as well. Significantly, we have a huge competitive advantage as the Ethiopian country is not dominated by a huge number of investors associated with solar panels. Investing in Ethiopia is a good competitive advantage on our part as it is a real market opportunity likely to generate high profit margin as there is a huge population as mentioned in the above paragraphs (Murison 34-39). Furthermore, the Ethiopian market has a cheap cost of labor, which is also an advantage on our part as an international Company. It has been reported that there is a huge spread of African employees who are exploited, thus, we will not undertake the same approach, but we will rather work with them as a family. Significantly, relating with the locals in a friendly way will be appreciated by both the government and the locals as well (Marino). Ethiopians often spend their earning on non-essential products, and, therefore offering them solar panels as an essential perspective will automatically attract them as it acts as a means of development. Fundamentally, it is apparent that we have a huge competitive advantage on our part as an international organization, hence, likely to reach the Ethiopian market from a positive point of view. Buy custom International Marketing Executive Summary and Competitive Analysis essay

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