Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Egg Cell Essay Example for Free

Egg Cell Essay The egg cell is the female gamete used for sexual reproduction. The egg cell is responsible for providing half of the genetic material required for reproduction. When the egg cell joins with the sperm cell. The egg cell is large and bulky structure which allows the sperm cell to get in easily. WHAT ORGANELLES DOES AN EGG CELL HAVE AND THEIR FUNCTION? Mitochondria: Produces energy for the cell by a process called cell respiration. Cytoplasm: All organelles inside the cell are suspended in the cytoplasm. The cytoplasm is mostly water which allows the organelle to move around. It fills the interior of the cell. Vacuole: Are storage bubbles they store food, nutrients and waste. They also maintain internal fluid pressure within the cell. Lysosomes: Contain digestive enzymes and break down nutrients, they digest excess or worn-out organelles, food particles, and engulfed viruses or bacteria. Rough ER: Are very important in the synthesis and packaging of proteins. Smooth ER: Acts as a storage organelle and is important in the creation of steroids and the storage of steroids and ion Ribosome: where proteins are made. Golgi Bodies: The main function is to package and process proteins and sends it to other parts. They also make and secret mucus. Chromosomes: Chromosomes are made up of DNA and contains genes. Nucleous: is where ribosomes are made. They disappear from the egg cell during reproduction. Haploid Nucleus: This nucleus contains only half of the normal somatic number of chromosomes. Zona Pellucida: Also known as viteline membrane it protects the ooccytes, eggs and embryos. Supports the cell and controls entry into and out of cell. The cell membrane allows the sperm cell in. Follicular Cells: Provides nutrients to the developing ovum for growth and maturation. WHAT MAKES THE EGG CELL SPECIAL? The egg cell has no centrioles. The egg cell has a lot of mitochondria because It has a haploid nucleuses because when the egg cell joins.. It has a zona pellucid which act as a cell membrane for the egg cell. It also has follicular cells. PICRTURES USED TO BUILD THE CELL MODEL: PICRTURES USED TO BUILD THE CELL MODEL. WHAT MAKES IT SPECIAL? ABOUT THE EGG CELL: The egg cell is present in both animals and plants. In plants it is called the gametophyte and in animals it is called the ovum. This project is about the animal egg cell (or ovum). This cell is a gamete cell which means it is responsible for reproduction. It is also a haploid cell which means it has a single set of unpaired chromosomes. The egg cell is the largest size cell in a human body and it is visible to the naked eye. The egg cell has a large amount of cytoplasm. The egg cell life span is short. WHAT DOES IT LOOK LIKE? The egg cell has a very round shape and is the largest cell of living organism. The egg cell is bulky and solid.

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