Monday, October 7, 2019

Jewelery Market in UK and EU Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 5000 words

Jewelery Market in UK and EU - Essay Example This was at a time when Princess Victoria was getting married to Prince Albert. Most of the jewelry worn in that period contained pictures of loved ones and engraved messages as a show of commitment to loved ones. This era was also greatly influenced by new fashions from the East popularly known as Japonaiserie. The fashion was characterized by use of flora and fauna images on jewelry. Shakudo jewelry and styles like Etruscan became famous in that period. Shakudo jewelry was a technique of gold coloring developed Japanese. Etruscan style of jewelry is common today and these jewels have pictures of the eras from the ancient Greeks to the Egyptian periods. A remarkable change in jewelry style occurred when Prince Albert died. The Queen began wearing mourning jewelry and black dresses. Everyone in the nation followed the same trend and dark gemstones gained popularity. Gemstones such as Jet, Onyx and blood red Pyrope Garnet were used to make ‘dark jewelry’. The end of this era is known as the Aesthetic Period and was marked by new styles such as stud earring and bar brooches. Art Nouveau Period which started from 1890 to 1915 was based on craftsmanship and design of jewelry. The era emerged towards the end of Victorian Period. The jewelers were more interested in coming up with new designs. The worth of the materials used did not matter. The era featured designs such as Rene Lalique, Louis C Tiffany and Emile Gaffe. These designs were inspired by nature, wildlife, insect life and mythical forms such as chimeras, serpents, dragons and griffons. Anything that was inspiring was captured in their designs. Japonaiserie style was greatly embraced during this period and influences from Europe and Far East were captured in their designs. Edwardian Period began in 1901 and ended in 1915. The period was also referred to as ‘La Belle Epoque’ which means beautiful era. Wealth was abundant because movie and motor industries were flourishing at this time. It was a

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